Bandai reveals the Tamagotchi Smart! Details, photos and more

What’s the next generation of Tamagotchi? Tamagotchi Smart! This new Tamagotchi device takes the form of a smartwatch and can be worn. It will be released in Japan in November this year and has a suggested retail price of 6,380 Japanese yen or about $58 US.

Tamagotchi Smart Trailer

Features of the Tamagotchi Smart

Just like prior Tamagotchi, the Smart allows you to care for and raise a Tamagotchi. From early information, it looks like your Tamagotchi will learn and grow based on how you interact with it, including being able to talk more and remember what you like.

Like the Tamagotchi Pix, the Smart will not feature the genetic-mixing “M!X” feature, as noted in the toy’s FAQ.

The Tamagotchi Smart has many input options, including the buttons, touch screen, pedometer and microphone (no voice recognition).

The device comes in two colors: coral pink and mint blue (cosmetic difference only). Even though it is displayed in a watch, the site says that it can be played with without the rubber cover (inferring that using it in a more traditional device shape that doesn’t need to be worn is possible). They can interact with other devices, however it is unclear if this is Bluetooth or NFC technology.

TamaSma Cards

To expand the variety of items, food, accessories, wallpapers, watch faces, mini-games and characters, “TamaSma Cards” (short for Tamagotchi Smart Cards) are being sold separately for 1,100 Japanese yen (or roughly $10 US). The first two, Rainbow Friends and Sweets Friends, have been revealed. They plug into the side of the Tamagotchi.

25th Anniversary Tamagotchi Smart Set

In addition to the blue and pink Smart models above, a special white Tamagotchi Smart will be released through Japan’s Premium Bandai site for the franchise’s 25th anniversary. The set includes a special 25th anniversary TamaSma Card which includes retro downloads and pixelated Tamagotchi.

Unfortunately, this set will have limited availability. Fans can try to pre-order a set for 7,480 Japanese yen (roughly $68 US) from June 17 until July 2, however it is a raffle system and the names of those who will actually be able to purchase the device will be announced at some point in July. These sets will then ship in August.

Japanese video of Tamagotchi Smart in use

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