Tamagotchi On (Meets) Color Change Guide

Changing Your Tamagotchi’s Color

You can change your Tamagotchi’s color in the Tamagotchi On or Tamagotchi Meets by feeding it special food items five times in a row. If you feed it any other food during that chain it will reset. Don’t feed your Tamagotchi cream stew four times, then a donut, finally the last cream stew. The color will not change and you would need to eat four more cream stews.

Because your Tamagotchi’s fridge can only hold three of each food item at once you will need to buy three, eat them, then return to the store and buy two more if the item is located at a land’s store.

The color of your Tamagotchi will reset if it grows up to the next stage of its life or if you wait 48 hours.

Color Changing Foods

These foods will change the color of your Tamagotchi, but not all models contain the same items. For example, Pastel Meets does not have access to Tama Farm and cannot buy Roll Cabbage or Ice Cream.

  • Blue: Sky Blue Bread (Fairy Land: Food)
  • Green: Matcha Zenzai (Gourmet Street: Snack), Roll Cabbage (Tama Farm: Food)
  • Grey: Block Rice Ball (Toy Land Store: Food)
  • Orange: Omelette Rice (Restaurant: Food), Sunset Gratin (Fairy Land: Food)
  • Purple: Candy Drops (Magic Land: Snack)
  • White: Cream Stew (Restaurant: Food), Ice Cream (Tama Farm: Snack)
  • Yellow: Lemon Pie (Restaurant: Snack)

Compiled with help from sAmThEgReAt (@sammytchi_827)