Tamagotchi On (Meets) Location Guide with Unlock Methods

When you first start your Tamagotchi On, you’ll only be able to travel to the Tama Hotel. This guide will help you to unlock other places to visit! Don’t forget that you’ll have to wait to leave your house until your baby Tamagotchi reaches its Toddler stage after about an hour.

The Tamagotchis that you can meet while travelling are also different between Towns, so make sure you are going to the right place to meet the Tamagotchi you would like to play with. Each Tamagotchi is either male (♂) or female (♀) and can only marry Tamagotchis of the opposite sex. Residents are listed in the order they are shown in the images.

Note: For ease of use, this list shows the residents of the Fairy & Magic versions; a comprehensive list of where each character can be found is available in Japanese

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Tamagotchi On (Meets) Fairy & Magic Versions:

Tama Hotel

Tama Hotel

  • Unlocked by default
  • Location Options: Hotel Garden, Hotel Shop, Resort Information, Propose, and Drop-Off
  • Residents: Mametchi (♂), Kikitchi (♂), Lovelitchi (♀), Nijifuwatchi (♀)
Residents of Tama Hotel: Mametchi, Kikitchi, Lovelitchi, Nijifuwatchi

If you know you won’t be able to take care of your Tamagotchi for a few hours, leave it at the hotel! Make sure to give it lots of food and raise its happiness beforehand, because it will come home after it gets hungry or unhappy.

Gourmet Street

Gourmet Street

  • How to unlock Gourmet Street: Eat Omlette Rice (オムライス) 5 times at the Restaurant
  • Location Options: Gourmet Square, Gourmet Store, Sushi, Propose
  • Residents: Kuchipatchi (♂), Kappappatchi (♂), Omuchaputchi (♂), Pizzarinatchi (♀)
Residents of Gourmet Street: Kuchipatchi, Kappappatchi, Omuchaputchi, Pizzarinatchi

You can play the Sushi game in this town and visiting it several times will also unlock the Tama Farm town!

Tama Farm

Tama Farm

  • How to unlock Tama Farm: Visit Gourmet Street multiple times (sometimes requires 9 or 10 visits)
  • Location Options: Farm Square, Farm Store, My Farm, Propose
  • Residents: Hatakemotchi (♂), Youmotchi (♂), Furawatchi (♀), Watawatatchi (♀), Chericheritchi (♀)
Residents of Tama Farm: Hatakemotchi, Youmotchi, Furawatchi, Watawatatchi, Chericheritchi

Visit every day to water your garden and grow a fruit tree. Unlocking this location will also reward you with a new “Farm” menu background!

Toy Park

Toy Park

  • How to unlock Toy Park: (2nd Generation on) Wear the “Drum” accessory and go out to the garden (B button)
  • Location Options: Play Area, Toy Factory, Trampoline, Propose
  • Residents: Nejirobotchi (♂), Bonnetchi (♀)
Residents of Toy Park: Nejirobotchi, Bonnetchi

You can access a new mini-game here, the trampoline, and unlocking this location also adds a new “Doodle” menu background!

Tama Sports Plaza

Tama Sports Plaza

  • How to unlock Tama Sports Plaza: (After connecting with at least 2 other Tamagotchi devices) Play with the “Ball” item
  • Location Options: Grounds, Sports Shop, Sports Festival, Propose
  • Residents: Gozarutchi (♂), Kuromametchi (♂), Oyogogurutchi (♂), Ponpontchi (♀), Chuchurinatchi (♀)
Residents of Tama Sports Plaza: Gozarutchi, Kuromametchi, Oyogogurutchi, Ponpontchi, Chuchurinatchi

You can enjoy the sports festival and also find plenty of new Tamagotchis to meet here!

Starry Sky Lab

Starry Sky Lab

  • How to unlock Starry Sky Lab: (2nd Generation on) Remodel your room to the Starry Sky background and go to the garden (B button) after 7 PM
  • Location Options: Constellation Square, Starry Sky Store, Telescope, Propose
  • Residents: Kiminanizatchi (♂), Mochiusatchi (♀)
Residents of Starry Sky Lab: Kiminanizatchi, Mochiusatchi

Unlocking this location will also make the “Constellation” menu background available! The telescope option is a simple animation.

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

  • How to unlock the Beauty Salon: (2nd Generation on) Change your Tamagotchi’s color twice in the same stage (Toddler, Teen, or Adult)
  • Location Options: Beauty Park, Beauty Store, Hair Salon, Propose
  • Residents: Charismatchi (♂), Memetchi (♀), Coffretchi (♀)
Residents of the Beauty Salon: Charismatchi, Memetchi, Coffretchi

This location comes with the “Beauty” menu background! Enjoy giving your Tamagotchi a (temporary) new hair style at the hair salon.

Fairy Land

Fairy Land (Fairy On/Meets versions only)

  • How to unlock Fairy Land: (3rd Generation on) Remodel your room to the Dreamy Living background and go to the garden (B button) between 7-10 AM
  • Location Options: Fairy Park, FairyMart, Fairy Ride, Propose
  • Residents: Unipegasatchi (♂), Fairytchi (♀)
Residents of Fairy Land: Unipegasatchi, Fairytchi

Only available on the Tamagotchi On (or Meets) Fairy versions, this location gives access to two exclusive characters. The fairy ride is a short animation.

Magical Land

Magical Land (Magic On/Meets versions only)

  • How to unlock Magical Land: (3rd Generation on) Remodel your room to the Magical Living background and go to the garden (B button) between 7-10 PM
  • Location Options: Magical Park, Magical Shop, Magical Ride, Propose
  • Residents: Korobatchi (♂), Majoritchi (♀)
Residents of Magical Land: Korobatchi, Majoritchi

Only available on the Tamagotchi On (or Meets) Magic versions, this location gives access to two exclusive characters. The magical ride is a short animation.

Pastel Meets

Flower Garden

Pastel Meets Flower Garden
  • How to unlock Flower Garden: Get ‘Honey Pot’ item from the Egg Hunt in Easter Land (may take several trips) and then have your Tamagotchi play with it
  • Replaces: Tama Farm
  • Location Options: Garden Park, Flower Store, My Garden, Propose
  • Residents: Yotsubatchi (♂), Flower Fleur (♀), Butterflytchi (♀)
Flower Garden residents

Easter Land

Pastel Meets Easter Land
  • How to unlock Easter Land: (2nd Generation on) Remodel your room to the Easter Living background and go to the garden (B button)
  • Replaces: Fairy Land/Magic Land
  • Location Options: Easter Park, Pastel Shop, Egg Hunt, Propose
  • Residents: Piyotamausatchi (♂), Eggbasketchi (♀), Tamaladytchi (♀), Tamaboytchi (♂)
Easter Land residents

Sanrio Meets

Gourmet Street

Note: Unlocked by eating Cinnamon Curry 5 times at the restaurant

Mary Land

Sanrio Meets Mary Land
  • How to unlock Mary Land: Raise Tamagotchi to its adult stage and go to the garden (B button)
  • Location Options: Park, Mary Shop, Strawberry Field, Propose
  • Residents: Kuchipatchi (♂), My Melody (♀), Kuromi (♂)
Mary Land residents

Unlocks the Mary Land menu background.

Star World

Sanrio Meets Star World
  • How to unlock Star World: Go to the garden (B button) on a day with a clear night sky after 7 PM
  • Location Options: Park, Cloud Store, Cloud Amusement Park, Propose
  • Residents: Kiki (♂), Lala (♀), Nijifuwatchi (♀)
Star World residents

Unlocks the Star World menu background.


  • How to unlock Puroland: (2nd Generation on) Go to the garden (B button)
  • Location Options: Park, Cloud Store, Cloud Amusement Park, Propose
  • Residents: Purin (♂), Cinnamoroll (♂), Badtz-Maru (♂), Hello Kitty (♀), Gudetama (♀)
Puro Land residents

Unlocks the Puroland menu background.

Strawberry Kingdom

Sanrio Meets Strawberry Kingdom
  • How to unlock Strawberry Kingdom: (2nd Generation on) Remodel your room to the Strawberry Living background and go to the garden (B button) after 1 PM
  • Location Options: Strawberry Park, Strawberry Shop, Strawberry Party, Propose
  • Residents: Keroppi (♂), Tuxedo Sam (♂)
Strawberry Kingdom residents

Unlocks the Strawberry Kingdom menu background.

Fantasy Meets & Wonder Garden On


Fantasy Meets Wonderland
  • How to unlock Wonderland (Meets): Bring adult Tamagotchi to the garden (B button)
  • How to unlock Wonderland (On): Remodel with the Alice Picnic wallpaper from the third generation on and go to the garden (B button)
  • Location Options: Strange Park, Alice Shop, Trump Paint, Propose
  • Residents: Dreaming Alice (♀), Kirari Hatter (♀)

Unlocks the Wonderland menu background.

Fantasy Meets

Princess Palace

Fantasy Meets Princess Palace
  • How to unlock Princess Palace: Obtain the Pumpkin Lantern item from Wonderland’s Trump Paint activity (may take several tries) and play with it until the area is unlocked
  • Location Options: Royal Square, Princess Store, Ball, Propose
  • Residents: Prince Mametchi (♂), Loveli-Princess (♀), Chuchurinatchi (♀)
Princess Palace residents

Unlocks the Princess Palace menu background.

Arabian Nights

Fantasy Meets Arabian Night
  • How to unlock Arabian Nights: Obtain the Jewelry Box from the Princess Palace’s Ball activity and use it
  • Location Options: Arabian Park, Arabian Shop, Jewel Catch, Propose
  • Residents: Lamp-patchi (♂), Kikitchi (♂), Melo-arabian (♀)
Arabian Nights residents

Unlocks the Arabian Nights menu background.

Sweets Meets

Dolce Town

  • How to unlock Dolce Town: Win 3 times at the Cake Game in the Tama Store
  • Location Options: Dolce Park, Sweet Shop, Café au Lait Pool, Propose
  • Residents: Hotcaketchi (♂), Amamerotchi (♂), Patitchi (♀), Himedolcetchi (♀)
Characters found in Dolce Town of Sweets Meets Tamagotchi

Unlocks the Dolce menu background

Wagashi no Sato (Japanese Sweets Village)

  • How to unlock Wagashi no Sato: Get a Coffee Dorayaki from Dolce Town’s Café au Lait Pool and eat it out of the fridge
  • Location Options: Wagashi Alley, Souvenir Shop, Tea House, Propose
  • Residents: Wagassiertchi (♂), Himeamachatchi (♀), Tsubuanonetchi (♀)

Unlocks the Wagashi menu background

Special thanks to VPets.org, Tokyo Direct Guide and sAmThEgReAt for supplying missing information