How to Get a Tama Pet for Your Tamagotchi

What is a Tama Pet?

A Tama Pet is a small pet for your Tamagotchi that will live out in the yard. Going out to the yard will allow you to “play” with it, although it is not able to be interacted with by the player.

How to obtain a Tama Pet

To attract a Tama Pet to your yard you must leave an item outside. This can be done by going to your item box, selecting the desired item, and then leaving it in the garden.

Each item attracts a certain type of Tama Pet, so try experimenting or buying new items to find a pet that you like.

Periodically check the yard to see if a pet has come and do not put away the item when the Tamagotchi asks you. Attracting a pet can sometimes take awhile so be patient.

Caring for your Tama Pet

Tama Pets don’t need specific care, but they will run away if your Tamagotchi does not visit the yard to play with them. This is something to remember if you want to keep your pet.

Breeding your Tama Pet

Just like Tamagotchis, Tama Pets are also able to marry a partner and produce a child. Unlike Tamagotchis, the pets do not have a gender and their genetic mixing mechanic is much more simple. There are a total of 1200 unique pet possibilities through the system.

Tama Pet breeding

You have two options for how to mate your pet: marry them with your friend’s pet or partner with a pet that visits your yard.

If you have a friend with a Tamagotchi On and they have obtained a Tama Pet you can go to the connection options and connect from there.

Sometimes a random pet will visit your yard and an option to marry them will pop-up. You can select yes to breed and get a new pet or select no to retain your current pet.