Tamagotchi On (Meets) Discount Item Guide

What are Discount Items?

Discount items are special coupons that take 50% off the price of food, toys, accessories, and room reforms. They are stored in your item box under the ‘Special’ section. They are automatically applied when you go to the restaurant or store.

List of all Discount Items

  • Reform Pass: Reduces cost of room wallpapers by 50%
  • Cute Coupon: Reduces cost of accessories by 50%
  • Eco Fork: Reduces cost of food by 50%
  • Eco Bag: Reduces cost of items by 50%
  • Eco Badge: Not technically a discount, but raises a Tamagotchi’s happiness when used

How to Obtain Each Discount Item

Reform Pass & Cute Coupon: Meet with Uwasatchi between 7:00-8:59 AM in the park. Can only be met once per day, gift is random.

Eco Fork, Eco Bag, and Eco Badge: Meet with the Eco Triplets (Eco-usatchi) on the 10th, 20th, or 30th of each month between 10:00 AM to 2:59 PM at the park. They will give you one of the three items at random.