Tamagotchi On (Meets) Evolution Guide & Growth Charts

Guide to Evolving Your Tamagotchi

Unlike older Tamagotchi toys, the Tamagotchi On and Tamagotchi Meets usually do not use a set growth path. Only the first generation can raise a “pure” Tamagotchi, from the second generation on you will always end up with a cross between the mother and father. Restarting your family tree to the first generation will only happen when:

  • You first start your Tamagotchi On / Tamagotchi Meets
  • You reset the device and delete saved data
  • Your Tamagotchi dies (only method which saves all items)

During this first generation, Tamagotchi growth is influenced by “care misses”. If your Tamagotchi displays the attention icon because it is hungry or unhappy you have 15 minutes to care for them before the icon disappears and it is counted as a “miss”. There is no way to show how many misses you have accumulated, so you must pay careful attention when aiming for a specific evolution. Not cleaning up poop does not count as a care miss.

If you are aiming for a character which requires a high amount of care misses, an easy way to rack up misses is to keep only one happiness bar and one food icon full. These will deplete in about 45 minutes and you can wait 15 minutes until the two care misses are counted, then refill back to one bar again. Repeat as necessary

Growth Charts

Tamagotchi On Fairy & Magic / Fairytale Meets & Magical Meets

Pastel Meets

Sanrio Meets

Fantasy Meets / Wonder Garden On

Growth chart for the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy ver. and Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden ver.

Growth charts created by Gantchi and used with permission—thank you!