Tamagotchi On & Tamagotchi Meets: Information and guides

What is the Tamagotchi On?

Tamagotchi Meets: Magical Meets Green

The Tamagotchi On is the English version of the Tamagotchi Meets, the latest color Tamagotchi released in Japan. It differs from past models with its ability to connect to the Tamagotchi App using Bluetooth. The app allows your Tamagotchi to get married with special characters or other players and earn rewards through playing games.

Many characters inhabit the world within the Tamagotchi On and can be befriended or chosen as a marriage candidate!

Guides for the Tamagotchi Meets & On


Tamagotchi On involves gameplay based around breeding your tamas. Instead of care determining your adult character, the mother and father’s physical characteristics will be combined to form a new Tamagotchi. There are almost limitless combinations that can be created and genetic traits can resurface several generations later as well.

It is scheduled to be released on July 28 in the US at major retailers such as Target, Amazon, GameStop and Urban Outfitters. Ordering through Amazon will give us a small percentage of the sale through their affiliate program to help support the site.

Tamagotchi On Versions

There are currently four Tamagotchi On versions, which can be seen below. Additional releases may come in the future to match the Japanese versions, but it is currently unknown.

Tamagotchi Meets

The Tamagotchi Meets is mostly the same as the English Tamagotchi On that is based on it, but has a wider selection of versions available. Japan also has exclusive download stations that let players access new room backgrounds, characters, items and sometimes even games. These change on a seasonal basis.

Tamagotchi Meets Versions