Tamagotchi Pix officially revealed and how to pre-order

After leaked product listings and an early trailer, we finally have the official reveal of the Tamagotchi Pix from Bandai! Coming in July, it sports some features that really set it apart from previous virtual pet releases.

Tamagotchi Pix features

The official blog lays out some of the best selling points of the new device and most of what we know so far:

  • Built-In Camera: Say, “Cheese!” The new Tamagotchi Pix has a built-in camera so you can take pictures with your Tamagotchi! You can also customize, cook, and explore by using the camera to bring the world around you into your device for a more interactive play.
  • Touch Buttons: Get ready to feel the difference! The Tamagotchi Pix still has the iconic 3 buttons, though now they’re touch buttons making interacting with your Tamagotchi character just a tap away.
  • New Social World: A lot more to LIKE! A social feed built into the device will allow you to safely show your Tama adventures with your Tamagotchi character’s friends.
  • Professional Career: Help your Tamagotchi character figure out what professional job it will bring back to Tamagotchi Planet! When you go into your Character’s room and play with your character, you will help it decide if a professional job is what it wants, and if so, what future career it wants. Also, when your Tamagotchi character goes back to Tamagotchi Planet, it will help figure out what egg to send back to you to help raise your next Tamagotchi character.
  • Leveled Up Play: Now there are even more ways to earn Gotchi points and keep your Tamagotchi character happy with a variety of new games! And starting in August, you can go to Tamagotchi.com and successfully complete missions to download new items and gifts for your Tamagotchi character!
  • BFF Connection: Friends that play together stay together! Connect with your friends’ devices with a Tama Code and share in the fun! You can now even plan playdates with your Tamagotchi characters when you can’t be with your BFF!

The devices have a total of 24 possible adults, multiple professions and 17 games to enjoy.

How to pre-order the Tamagotchi Pix

If you want to make sure you’re able to get one this summer, you may want to consider pre-ordering. Here are our Amazon affiliate links at which you can secure your Tamagotchi Pix:

Product images

In addition to the pink and purple shells launching in July, there are also blue and green variants with an unknown future launch date which you can see below.

With all this new information, what do you think of the Tamagotchi Pix? Going to buy or pre-order one? Let us know in the comments!