Pui Pui Molcar and Tamagotchi collaboration device announced

The show Pui Pui Molcar may not be familiar to all, but it is a Japanese show which centers around the antics of stylized cavy cars (guinea pig cars). These cute characters will now be receiving the Tamagotchi treatment in the newly revealed Pui Pui Molcartchi toy based on the Tamagotchi Nano!

Pui Pui Molcartchi details

The Pui Pui Molcartchi will come in two shells, retail for 2,530 Japanese yen (roughly $23 US), and go on sale in Japan on October 9. You’ll be tasked with raising a baby molcar to adulthood, with many possible characters.

When playing, you can feed your character carrots or lettuce and enjoy several games. Due to the nature of the Tamagotchi Nano, it is a rather limited device.

How to buy

Currently, these have not been announced for sale outside of Japan. International fans can pre-order from Amazon Japan (affiliate link), however the shipping is quite expensive. Another option is to go through a third-party import or proxy service.

Acquaint yourself with Pui Pui Molcar

Were you already a Pui Pui Molcar fan? Or is this the beginning of a new obsession? Leave your comments below!