Details about the Digivice V and how to buy

The Digivice V, a new product in the Vital Bracelet line, has been announced for Japan. Like the device it’s based on, it allows you to raise a Digimon and its growth depends on your real-world activity.

Wondering if you you’ll be able to use these new DIM Cards with a Vital Bracelet you already have? You’re in luck! These are compatible with both Digivice V’s and Vital Bracelets.

What’s new in the Digivice V?

Unlike the Vital Bracelet, the Digivice V features a sleep mode, an ongoing evolution timer during sleep and a larger band. So, in summary, not too much! It does come in a great new blue color though!

Where to order the Digivice V and DIM Cards

Currently, Amazon Japan is the most reliable place to order from overseas. Shipping may be expensive, but it is not known whether this will be released through Premium Bandai USA like the Vital Bracelet was. Below are our affiliate links:

What do you think about the Digivice V? Planning on buying one? Let us know in the comments below!