Mari, Rei & Kaworu Evangelion Tamagotchi ‘Evatchi’ now available to pre-order

Amazon’s US site has now put up pre-order listings for three new Evatchi models that had been previously released in Japan. These are the Japanese models, although the Tamagotchi Nano doesn’t require any knowledge of Japanese to play.

Evatchi have four growth stages, starting as an Angel (baby), progressing to a cocoon, evolving into an adult and sometimes reaching a fourth special stage which require specific conditions. The devices have two games, Battle Training and Target Switch, which can be used to raise happiness. There are also some random events based off of the anime which involve a short animation.

How to order

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve already purchased an Evatchi or hope to buy one soon! Are you a fan of the Evangelion anime?