Digimon reveals Vital Bracelet, coming 2021

The result of a teaser site has been officially unveiled; the Digital Monster Vital Bracelet will be coming to Japan March 13, 2021! The bracelets start at roughly $61 USD, with a special version costing $70.

For information on ordering a Digimon Vital Bracelet, please see our post here.


Product details

The new device seems to be akin to a fitness band or smartwatch in that it can track steps and vital signs. How accurate it is remains to be seen, but these metrics will play a key role in the gameplay of the Vital Bracelet.

Digimon Vital Bracelet versions

It will initially come in three variants, ver.BLACK, ver.WHITE, and ver.SPECIAL. The black and white devices seem to be the same besides the color, but the third version will contain the new Digimon, Pulsemon, and Veemon.

In addition to tracking your vitals, it also features the ability to sync with its companion smartphone app and can also interact with NFC terminals.

The device can also access new areas, Digimon and graphics through the use of “DIMcards” (Digimon Identified Memory Card). These plug directly into the side of the bracelet. These will be sold in sets of two for roughly $16.

New Digimon

The new yellow Digimon is Pulsemon, a Vaccine-type. It can evolve into a myriad of different Digimon, with some of them already being revealed in the chart below.

Incomplete Pulsemon evolution chart

It is likely that the amount of physical effort you put into its care through running and training will influence the way it grows.

You can see more images, including a 360-degree view of the device, on the official site.