Digimon Pendulum Z II details announced as pre-orders open

While the Digimon Pendulum Z has yet to ship, Bandai isn’t slowing down: details about the follow-up trio of devices, the Pendulum Z II’s, have now been released. They’re expected to ship in March of 2021.

Digimon Pendulum Z II details

Like the Digimon Pendulum Z, the Z II will come in three variations: Wind Guardians (blue), Metal Empire (black) and Vi Busters (off-white). Each version has exclusive Digimon that cannot be obtained on the other versions, but the gameplay is identical.

You can see some of the exclusive Digimon below (left), as well as some brand-new Digimon (right) that are making their debut!

Exclusive Digimon

  • Wind Guardians: Petermon, Parrotmon and Ancient Irismon
  • Metal Empire: Eosmon, MetalTyranomon and Gundramon
  • Vi Busters: Shoutmon, Darcmon and Qinglongmon

New Digimon

  • Found in Wind Guardians (top line): Pōmumon, Parasaumon, Tropiamon and Entomon
  • Found in Metal Empire (middle line): Junkmon, Machmon and Rebellimon
  • Found in Vi Busters (bottom line): Baruchimon, Mimicmon and Manticoremon

Unlockable Routes & Digimon

In addition to the Digimon you can raise through normal gameplay, connecting the devices to each other allows players to unlock new species.

  • Wind Guardians can unlock Hawkmon route
  • Metal Empires can unlock Veemon route
  • Vi Busters can unlock Patamon route

If you connect one version with both of the others, you can unlock the Gabumon route, as well as its Bonds of Courage evolution, along with the Lobomon route.

Wind Guardians Digimon line-up

A blog post about the Wind Guardians device was also put up, which revealed most of the line-up of Digimon it contains!

In the future, line-ups for Metal Empires and Vi Busters will also be revealed. Stay tuned!

How to buy

There are several ways to buy these currently, but none are as straightforward as fans are probably hoping. The pre-order period for both ends on November 27.

Outside of the US or Japan, you’ll probably have to go through an intermediary to pre-order in Japan.

Leave your thoughts on these devices in the comments—thinking of buying one?!