Wonder Garden Tamagotchi On Revealed

First Wal-Mart leaked the existence of the next Tamagotchi On model, now a full trailer for the device has been made public through unofficial channels. Check out the details we know about this upcoming toy!

The new Tamagotchi On seems to be based on the Fantasy Tamagotchi Meets model released in Japan. You can see the characters and locations for that model on our site here.

The Wonder Garden edition will come in two colors, Lavender and Turquoise. You can pre-order each now at Amazon at these affiliate links ahead of their July 26 release:

Check out the official images of both models below. The Amazon description says that the Wonder Garden toys have two exclusive characters to meet (same in both Lavender & Turquoise) and players can earn Gotchi points in the ‘Library’ and ‘Dressmaker’ games! These are both compatible with previously released Tamagotchi On models.

Let us know if you’re going to be picking one of these up and what you think about the design!