Every detail about the newly revealed Pendulum Z

Digimon fans may know of the virtual pet originally released in 1998 in Japan called the Pendulum. It introduced an internal mechanism to measure shaking by the player, which was used to boost attack damage during battles. It also had the “Jogress” feature (or DNA Digivolution) which allowed two Digimon to merge into a completely new one. More recently, an improved 20th anniversary edition was released in its home country in 2018.

Now Bandai has revealed that brand-new Pendulum devices, called Digimon Pendulum Z, will be released later this year. There will be three variants: Deep Savers (blue), Nature Spirits (green) and Nightmare Soldiers (black).

The devices will feature over 100 Digimon between them, including some that are exclusive to a single color. Those include:

Digimon exclusive to different versions of the Pendulum Z

Deep Savers (Blue)

  • Hookmon
  • Sirenmon
  • Ancient Mermaimon

Nature Spirits (Green)

  • Morphomon
  • Scopiomon
  • Baihumon

Nightmare Soldiers (Black)

  • Argomon (Adult Form)
  • Megidramon
  • Witchmon

These new Pendulums will also feature new Digimon! Some of them are previewed below.

New Digimon introduced in the Pendulum Z
  • Top row: Sunalizamon, Baboongamon, Gogmamon
  • Middle row: Sangomon, Tobiumon, Marine Chimeramon, Gusokumon
  • Bottom row: Piranimon, Legarexmon, Ghosmon

In a further update on Bandai’s site, they posted an image of most of the Digimon that will appear in the green Nature Spirits version.

Pendulum Z Nature Spirits Digimon line-up

Connecting the devices will allow players to unlock three different routes, as well as Agumon’s Bonds of Courage form.

Pendulum Z unlockable routes and Digimon

How to order

Pre-orders for the Pendulum Z are currently open on the Japanese site here (international users may have to click the link twice if they are first redirected). They will close on July 31 and orders will be shipped in November. There is speculation that the US Premium Bandai site will put pre-orders up as well for those outside Japan.

Let us know what you think about this new device in the comments!