Is the Tamagotchi On Worth Buying? All the Information You Need to Decide

With the Tamagotchi On releasing in several countries, many people are wondering whether or not they should buy the new Tamagotchi. Considering it has a MSRP of $60 USD, it is not necessarily an impulse buy. You can find basic information about it on the Amazon product page, but we wanted to dive further into the issue and help readers decide if its something they’d enjoy.

What Makes the Tamagotchi On a Great Buy


Just like the Tamagotchis of the late ’90s, the Tamagotchi On tasks players with caring for the namesake pet. They need varying levels of attention, with food and happiness being their core requirements, as well as medicine when they’re sick and someone to clean up their poop. The On may have better graphics and a color screen, but the gameplay loop is very recognizable from the series’ roots.

Advanced Breeding

Tamagotchi On breeding system

What really makes the Tamagotchi On engaging is the breeding system. Instead of simply evolving based on how many mistakes you made while it was growing up, Tamagotchis from the second generation on with grow up to look like a cross between their mother and father. Body shape, eyes, hair and more are all generated based on the Tamagotchi’s unique lineage. This gives players an opportunity to experiment and create crazy combinations.

Places to Visit

There are also mini-games, which can be played to earn money, items to play with, accessories to dress up your Tamagotchi, and locations to visit. These must be unlocked and you can either follow a guide or experiment on your own, whichever you feel would be more fun.

iOS/Android Companion App

Herotchi arrives in the Meets App

Playing with your Tamagotchi isn’t just limited to the device itself. Using its Bluetooth capabilities, you can send your Tamagotchi to your phone to make friends, play games and find a spouse. The Japanese app (which has been out for about nine months) has added special marriage candidates which rotate every month that aren’t found in the toy itself—a great addition to make things interesting. While that hasn’t been confirmed for the English app, the Tamagotchi On is compatible with the Japanese app as well! There have also been special downloads offered as well, such as items and wallpapers.

The Tamagotchi Community

There are a ton of players out there like you and, luckily, they’re a great group of people. Sharing pictures and progress reports of your Tamagotchi On is a great way to enjoy it. Many enjoy posting photos to Instagram!

What You Should also Consider

While there is a lot to love about the Tamagotchi On, we also want to highlight some things that prospective buyers should keep in mind:

  • They require care: This is what makes a Tamagotchi fun, but what can also make it frustrating. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to be listening for those beeps telling you it needs attention.
  • It’s not a video game: There are places to explore, things to buy, and ways to customize your Tamagotchi and its room, but don’t expect the depth of a life-simulation game such as Animal Crossing.
  • It is pricey: Make sure you feel comfortable spending the money before ordering.

Our Verdict

Loved Tamagotchis when the came out 20 years ago? This is a must-buy. Bandai releasing a color Tamagotchi model in the West is very rare, so fans of the series really shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

For everyone else? We still recommend picking it up if the features we highlighted seem fun to you! I’ve spent five months with my Japanese model and I can definitely say I was happy with my purchase.

Now the question is… Pink, Purple, Green or Blue?! Check out all the colors available!

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